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Sidekick Junkies

A Fix for the Addicts out There

The Community for Sidekick Addicts!
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This is the community for all those Sidekick Lovers. You know you're out there!!! You don't even need to own one to join this community. Post your thoughts, comments, wishes, tips, tricks, modifications, stories, etc.

The moderators are ktquiet and snow_demon. This community is solely about sidekicks and all things related to them! No quizzes! We don't care what flavor condom you are or what sexual position you are/prefer or even if yo gramma does it doggie-style. It's not revelant here unless Sidekicks are involved somehow! If it is, then by all means, post about it.


Because this community has grown in size, some ground rules are necessary before posting:

  • All posts MUST be about Sidekicks or related to this community somehow!
  • Read back at least 20 posts to see if your question has been answered already, chances are that it has.
  • Read the FAQs before posting. There is no reason for you not to read the FAQs, chances are, your question has been answered there already.
  • Keep it clean
  • Your moderators have lives of their own, that being said, if there is something urgent that you feel requires our attention, do not hesitate to contact us. We may not notice things right away, but we will always take action if needed.
  • We understand that you may be a newbie, we were all newbies at once too. There is a wonderful community over at Sidekick Newbies
  • There’s some members in this community that I consider “core members”. That being said, if enough of them suggest that a post should be deleted or a member banned, I will take it into serious consideration

Simply put, I don’t believe in overmodding this community. I take members’ suggestions and requests to heart, but keep in mind that I cannot please everyone. There are plenty of other spin-off communities if you’re not happy here. A little bit of respect and kindness goes a long way. This is a great community and the members are great overall, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions and/or concerns.

This community has moderated posting. BEFORE POSTING CHECK OUT THE MEMORIES AND TAGS!!

Don't come crying to me if you get flamed because you failed to check out the memories section or scroll back a few entries. Really, it takes 5 minutes of your time and makes things a lot easier on everyone.

If you can't log in to myspace try using this site or this site.

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